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The Kingsfield Snowsplash will happen from Dez. 6. - 8. 2002 !!!

Location will be the 'Hotel Zur L÷wenburg' in Unkel ( near Bonn ).
The hotel is in the gastronomical business since 650 years. About 140 persons can find their bed in it and it gives space for another 500 partyguests with one Live - and 2 Soundsystem-areas !
Runningorder soon . . . - watch out !!!
If you like to stay the night in the hotel, you need to reserve.
Because there are only limited tickets it is recommendable to save them in time.
So please contact !
Til┤ that time, have a nice summah,
see you in Obermoschel
and welcome to the

The Kingsfield Crew
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