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'Earl 16,' the freedom fighter, the global peace maker. He's a man on a mission. The younger Earl Sixteen, gifted with a very unique voice. From the early age of 16, Earl began to exercise his ability to sing. Earl has come a very long way since then. There was transformation seeing Earl emerge into an established recording artist, with a catalogue of tunes credited to his name. With such classical hits in the past as: 'Love is a feeling', 'Holding back the years, ''Purify', Freedom Wave', Malcom X and Africa. This mans mission could not be made more easier, to up-lift people through song.

In 1980 he went to the legendary Studio One, where he recorded 'Love is a feeling' with Coxsone Dodd followed by 'No mash up the dance' He also recorded: 'Mother to be', for Robert Livingston, Maitland Hearne and Everton Bell. His biggest hit to date on the Island. Earl Sixteen remixed 'holding back the years' which sold 50,000 copies, in Vinyl and CD format. It was also available on the Volume Reggae Hits for Mr Palmer of Jet Star Distribution Company in London.

As a youth growing up, Earl was surrounded amongst the biggest names in the Reggae Music Industry, who not only inspired the singer but also gave him a lot of encouragement. Artists included: Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson, Alton Ellis, Horace Andy, Rad Taylor, Sugar Minott, Eddie Fitzroy, Marcia Griffiths and Pam Hall. Just to name a few. Earl was on his mission to make his own mark in the industry. And being only 16, helped to place Earl Sixteen's feet firmly on the road to success. After working with some of the biggest names in the business, like King Tubby, Scratch Lee Perry, Pressure Drop and the Mad Professor.

Main Stream
The Singer decided to broaden his horizons in order to merge his Reggae influences with other soulful music and because of his ability to manage his voice, this paid off. While appearing on Top Of The Pops and singing live on the Richard and Judy Show, with Dreadzone.

Sowing the musical Seeds
Earl Sixteen's pedigree as a vocalist and as a songwriter, is unparalled, the voice behind Leftfield's seminal anthem: 'Release The Pressure', which was re-released in 1996. In 1996 'Earl 16' had two chart topping hits in the British Network Charts at the same time, he had, 'Little Britan' with 'Dreadzone' and 'Release the Pressure' with 'Leftfield', which went on to sell well over 300.000 copies, at the time, Earl's Itinery seemed endless. Always busy working hard, Earl, was vocalist and songwriter on the Reggae-Dance fusion pioneers, Dreadzone's second album, 'Second Light'. With their biggest selling Hit being 'Little Britan'. Only now, due to the fact that Earl is working on his fourth coming album, has the singer time to concentrate on other issues.

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