KING TUBBY Memorial Festival 2004 Campingplatz am N?rburgring Reggae Roots Rastafari Afro - Caribic - Party mit verschiedenen Live - Acts + special Dj-Area

History of the Kingsfield Festivals :

(Dernau Krausberg (Ahrweiler) 1989)

(Hennef/Hofen Pfingstfestival 1990)

(Bob Marley Memorial I Oberzissen (Ahrweiler) 1991)

(Kingsfield Festival (Königsfeld/Ahrweiler) 1995)

(Cafe Klangspiel (Gräfendhron near Talfang/Mosel) 1998)

(Bob Marley Memorial)

(Peter Tosh Memorial)

(King Tubby Memorial)

(Jacob Miller Memorial (Höchstenbach) 2005)

(Dennis Brown Memorial (Höchstenbach) 2006)

(Joseph Hill Memorial (Höchstenbach) 2007)

It would be nice if you could send us some of your pictures you have from our festivals
Reports of former events soon come . . . !

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